Analogni ulazni modul za MULTICAL 603

Analogni ulazni modul za MULTICAL 603

Moduli pulsnih podataka za MULTICAL® 403 i MULTICAL® 603

Moduli pulsnih podataka za MULTICAL® 403 i MULTICAL® 603

BACnet® MS/TP-modul za MULTICAL® 403 i 603

• BTL certified and listed
• Compatible with ANSI/ASHRAE 135/ISO 16484-5
• Complies with BACnet® Application Specific Controller Profile
• Communication speed up to 115200 baud
• Two pulse inputs for additional water and electricity meters
• Supports multiple property reading and writing
• Supports automatic device and object discovery
• Supports BACnet® COV notifications
• Supports BACnet® automatic time synchronization
• RS-485 galvanic isolated from meter


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A new high performance and flexible BACnet® module has been introduced to the MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL® 603 energy meters. The BACnet® MS/TP communication module enables the MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL® 603 meters to be integrated into a building automation system or to participate in industrial applications. The BACnet® MS/TP is based on an RS-485 communication bus. The module is BTL certified and listed, which guarantees compatibility with the BACnet® standard.


The BACnet® module is designed with focus on high flexibility to fulfill a wide pallet of applications. The BACnet® module supports rapid exchange of meter data, e.g. flow, energy and temperatures to facilitate monitoring and control tasks.


The MULTICAL® 403 and 603 energy meters supports high quantities of data, and all relevant data for analysis can be read out.


The MULTICAL® 403 and 603 info codes for general alarm, flow error, temperature, error, water leakage, pipe burst, air in the system, and wrong flow direction are available to the BACnet® system.

Controlling and regulating

The module supports Change Of Values (COV). This is part of a BACnet® event notification. BACnet® clients, e.g. a PLC, may subscribe on events available from the MULTICAL® 403 and 603 variables. This function results in fast response times, which is needed for alarm and control purposes.

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